Pasta Shapes in Tomato Lentil Sauce

by Ali

This is a lunchtime favourite on my duty day. I have yet to have a kid refuse it. Gabey and Wolf have commented at times that it was spicy and I held my breath, but that was followed with "we like spicy". Second, third even fourth helpings are requested. The kids like the shape pasta and spend much time identifying the animals and vehicles.

It's easy to make. I make a large batch of the sauce in advance and freeze.

1 jar garden vegetable pasta sauce
apx 3/4 cup well cooked lentils
steamed veggies - I've used squash, carrots, zucchini, celery...

Blend in the blender until there are no chunks (that's key - the kids can't detect all the veggies, it's a smooth puree). This sauce freezes well and can be thawed overnight.

I serve this over the shaped Tinkyada rice pasta. It can be made the night before, but no earlier - the texture changes and it's not as good.

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