Fried Plantain

by Tamara

(a great treat on it's own, or with scrambled eggs and tomato in a sandwich, or as a side dish to a meal alongside rice and beans)

try to buy the very bruised looking plantains -- from half to nearly all black. these are the ripest and sweetest. (though they shouldn't be squishable.)

cut the ends off of the plaintains, then cut them in half. use a knife to help peel them. then slice the soft plantain lengthwise. usually you get about three or four pieces per half plantain.

add a very healthy hunk of butter to your saucepan. let it melt on medium high. place the plantain in the pan. hopefully the butter is bubbling a bit. after 5 or more minutes, use a fork to flip the plaintain to cook the other side.

cook to golden/dark brown or darker. wolf loves them. who wouldn't. reminds me of melt in your mouth banana bread.

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