Protein-rich Foods

It's been discussed at a September 2011 duty parent meeting that we need to include more protein in the meals at Dandelion, preferably every lunch and snack or at least as often as possible. Here is a list of great foods we can use in our preparations...

Black beans: 1/2 cup cooked has 7.6g
Chickpeas: 1/2 cup cooked has 7.3g
Kidney beans: 1/2 cup cooked has 7.6g
Lentils: 1/2 cup cooked has 8.9g
Lima beans: 1/2 cup cooked has 7.3g
Navy beans: 1/2 cup cooked has 7.9g
Soybeans (edamame): 1/2 cup cooked has 11.1g
Tofu: 1/2 cup fresh has 10.0g

Hemp seeds: 2 Tbsp has 5.0 g
Hemp protein powder: 2 Tbsp has 6.0g
Almonds: 4 almonds have 1.0g
Brazil nuts: 6 nuts have 4.6g
Flaxseeds: 1 Tbsp has 1.9g
Sesame seeds: 1 Tbsp has 1.6g (and lots of calcium!)
Almond butter: 1 Tbsp has 2g
Tahini: 1 Tbsp has 3g
Peanut butter: 1 Tbsp has 4g

Cheddar cheese: 1 ounce (1 slice or 2 cubes) has 7.1g
Cottage cheese: 1/2 cup has 14.0g
Cottage cheese, lowfat: 1/2 cup has 16.0g
Egg: 1 large has 6.3g
Milk, lowfat: 1 cup has 8.1g
Milk, skim: 1 cup has 8.4g
Muenster cheese: 1 ounce has 6.7g
Swiss cheese: 1 ounce has 8.1g
Yogurt, lowfat: 1 cup has 11.9g
Yogurt, nonfat: 1 cup has 13.0g

Oatmeal, cooked: 1 small bowl has 4.0g
Pancake, buckwheat: 1 small has 1.8g
Pancake, whole wheat: 1 small has 3.4g
Popcorn, dry: 1 cup has 1.8g
Quinoa, cooked: 1/2 cup has 4.3g
Brown rice, cooked: 1/2 cup has 2.4g
Rye bread: 1 slice has 2.1g
Whole wheat bread: 1 slice has 2.4g

Food Prep Ideas
~ add cooked lentils, beans or chickpeas to sauces before puréeing
~ serve edamame beans on the side
~ serve cottage cheese with fruit or cherry tomatoes
~ blend tahini into soups, stews or sauces
~ sprinkle hemp seeds on foods
~ use protein powder in baked goods (replace up to a quarter of the flour)
~ use whole wheat flour in baked goods

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  1. Thanks Claudia - great list!
    Just wanted to add - another great way to increase the protein content of baked goods is to substitute grain flours with almond or coconut flour.